Julia March Integral Skincare

About Julia

Julia March is a skin care therapist and energy healer who specializes exclusively in facials. Her specialty aims to help a client achieve deep relaxation, the Alpha state of brain frequency, so their skin can positively respond to deep rest and, in turn, start healing faster. March believes in treating the whole person: each treatment includes a head, neck, shoulder, and hand massage. She believes that her efforts to combine the inside and the outside bring long-lasting and radiant results to all seeking glowing skin and a peaceful, happy mind.

March was born in Slovakia, a country in Central Europe where attention is paid to the most natural, organic ingredients to make good-for-you home remedies. She had always been interested in natural beauty, particularly after her Grandmother warned her that nobody was going to marry her if she had freckles; this turned out to be an old wives’ tale, but she took her grandmother’s old-school skin care and beauty secrets and made them her own. March grew up doing facials for herself, her mother, and sisters on a weekly basis, using ingredients like wildflower dew, sour cream, honey, oats, berries, and milk. As a young girl, she understood how food from nature affects not only our skin, but also our emotional and mental state.

Upon relocating to New York, March continued her enchantment with beauty. She attended Christine Valmy International School of Aesthetics, the oldest European-beauty school in New York City and furthered her education at the Dermalogica Academy (NYC).

She has been trained in Medical Esthetics, and took courses with a Naturopathic doctor Linda Burnham, N.D. solidifying her knowledge of mind-wellness-beauty connection. March is also certified as a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and as an advanced Vortex Healing® practitioner. 

In her career, March has managed to successfully blend her old-school upbringing and her technical and healing experience. She was the senior aesthetician at one of the most prestigious salons in New York from June 2000 to July 2002, offering treatments to models, celebrities, and New York socialites. March opened her own salon in SoHo in September 2002, catering to a clientele of professionals, models, celebrities, and businesswomen. She has stayed true to her organic, individualized mantra: each treatment is custom-tailored to a client’s current needs, varying depending on skin type, overall health and well-being, and current skincare regimen. Her treatments go beyond facials; she educates clients on how to maintain their skin and recommends helpful foods and supplements for each person.

March has been featured in the Allure’s Beauty Directory 2003 and Best of the Best Directory 2009 as one of the top facialists in the country. Her work and expert advice has also been cited in a number of articles and editorials, including In Style, New Beauty, New York Magazine’s Beauty & Spas Review, Organic Spa’s Hot List of Holistic Facials, and New York’s Best of New York 2010: Best Facial. Her whole person approach receives rave reviews from clientele, who have touted March’s facials as the best they have ever had.

Julia March is a NY and CO licensed skin care therapist trained in medical aesthetics, facial acupressure, lymphatic drainage technique and Vortex Healing®.

Julia is also a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®)

"Julia March uses energy work (Reiki and Vortex healing®, among other techniques) in the Alpha State facial to bring brain waves to resting frequencies (the alpha state). It complements the treatment’s more clinical steps, like microdermabrasion and micro-current muscle lifting. Her goal: 'to treat the whole person'. Call it the mind-beauty connection."
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