Julia March Integral Skincare



I developed a powerful diagnostic tool that I call “Dynamic Skin Assessment” to perfect each treatment. Each of my anti-aging facials include numerous procedures that work synergistically to produce immediately visible, as well as lasting results. Every treatment is custom tailored to fit your needs, which vary according to skin type, ancestral and skin history, product use, skin conditions and seasonality. Every session consists of special massage techniques to increase blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, and stimulation of the lymphatic system to reveal radiant, healthy complexion.

Depending on your skin assessment, treatment would also include at least one of the following: gemstone frequencies micro-current, healing LED lights, FAR Infrared technology, ultrasound and radio frequency. Sessions are finished with a soothing neck, shoulder and hand massage and infused with recharging healing energies.

My other passion is, and always was, healing work. I am a Registered Craniosacral Therapist® and Vortex Healing® practitioner.


Glow recaptured
BCST is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement around the central nervous system. CST is based on an osteopathic principle that understands “the body as a living, breathing, dynamic organism” (A.T.Stills) that has all the resources and inherent ability to heal itself from within. BCST teaches and empowers the body to attain that equipoise. It allows the system’s innate wisdom & intelligence to create a unique treatment plan on the path to health, healing, and well-being. During the session, craniosacral therapist holds a safe space for the client’s physical and emotional experiences and is deeply aware of the body’s holding patterns via observation of tidal rhythms produced by cerebrospinal fluid. As trust is established, various structures and energies are realigned resulting in the release of tension, ease of movement, pain relief, improved focus, increased immune system response and overall sense of balance and calm. Most common issues addressed with craniosacral treatment are: *anxiety, *pain relief, *chronic disease, *headaches/migraines, *concussion, *PTSD, *digestive disorders, *depleted immune system, *stress, *TMJ, *tinnitus, *fibromyalgia, * pre & post-surgery alignment.


Your passport to beauty…Om
The Alpha State Facial operates on the skin as well as the Bio-energetic field that permeates the whole body. Stress generates inflammatory environment, which undermine a good complexion. This signature treatment is designed to create a state of deep relaxation by inducing a shift in brain states to the lower frequency alpha waves, which enhance your innermost sense of well being and decrease stress levels. A deep and soothing mix of potent antioxidants, amino acids, peptides and vitamins A + C + E infused products are applied to the face with the therapeutic power of ultrasound and micro-currents while gentle healing energies pacify your state of mind. ​*Includes TCA peel. (100 min)


A royal treat
This ultra-healing facial envelops you in a pure luxury as it repairs & renews the skin. As you recline on the Bio-Mat, Far Infrared and negative ion technology deliver a constant stream of healing to the entire body during the treatment.

This facial begins with a light lactic acid wash followed by ultrasound exfoliation to prepare the skin for enhanced penetration of peptides and stem cells. Ultrasound technology removes any dullness, while radio-frequency stimulates collagen, strengthens the skin to prevent elastosis. Using vibrations of turquoise, blue sapphire, green emerald and yellow citrine, etc., this gem stone frequency micro-current strengthens and firms the facial muscles while distributing healing benefits to the skin and face.

Gentle currents deliver powerful stem cell mask’s ingredients deeply into the skin, making it radiant, vibrant and healthy. Finally, while the mask penetrates, soothing Craniosacral touch creates a state of ultimate bliss and regal relaxation. *Includes Lactic Acid peel, micro-current stimulation and radio-frequency. (110 min)


Perfectly clear
Intensive anti-acne treatment that includes purifying pumpkin enzyme and green clay exfoliation combined with sanitizing ultrasound, thorough extractions, TCA peel, and potent, secret formulation of propolis and essential oils to fight bacteria, custom blended healing mask and oxygen mist to speed up the healing process. *Salicylic acid spot Tx and TCA peel included. (75 min)


Simply wonderful
Fruit, honey and vegetable extract based products tantalize your skin and awaken your senses. Green clay cleanser is followed by a gentle papaya enzyme mask to prepare for easy extractions. Steam, aromatic essential oils and an acupressure facial massage induce relaxation. Rosewater and Moroccan or Rose clay mask wraps up the experience. (50 min)


Beautiful inside out This bio-energetic treatment enhances the skin`s healing ability. Chamomile infused enzymes exfoliate and plant phospholipids carry the nourishing qualities of water to the skin to re-establish the proper balance and hydration. High concentrations of ALA and powerful homeopathic, herbal remedies and antioxidants gently restore your face to a healthy radiance. *Gentle TCA peel included. (65 min)


The healing power of water
Restore your skin’s natural water balance with this three-phase hydrating boost, which combines gentle lactic acid peel, collagen/peptides infused mask and radio-frequency stimulation of the face with hyaluronic acid, growth factors, antioxidants, beta-carotene and our amazing hydrating and soothing rose/sandalwood/frankincense mask blend. *Lactic Acid peel included. (95 min)


Radiance revealed
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliation technique that uses mineral crystals to refine skin texture. It’s a great way to bring luster and glow to a dull and uneven looking skin; works wonders on fine lines, rhytids, clogged, enlarged pores and sun damage.
(30 or 60 min)